holocaust analytical essay 1

Write a 4-5 page paper, addressing only one of the two essay prompts below:

1) How does Primo Levi account for the Holocaust? How does one survive in

Auschwitz, and what does this tell us about the Nazi system of governance? Was the

Holocaust due to a unique set of historical circumstances, or might it happen again?

2) How does Primo Levi’s account of the Holocaust compare and contrast with that

offered by Alain Renais in Night and Fog? (Night and Fog is a film we will watch in

class on Wednesday, November 28, but it is also available for streaming via kanopy.com

via libraries.colorado.edu.) Although many of the details presented in the book and the

film are similar, are there any ways that they offer different accounts of the Holocaust?

Which is better at accounting for the historical origins of the Holocaust? Why?

Be sure to support your argument with concrete evidence drawn from both Levi’s text and the


You will be awarded for your successful incorporation of textbook material

into your textual analysis.

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