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Discussion of week 14: The Vietnam War

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Read the attached to this week 14 (FILES) “My Lai Massacre.pdf and .doc ” files as well as other available sources and respond to the following questions:

Discussion Forum Topic for week 14: Has this experience of very few American troops in My Lai prevented similar crimes on civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan? Can you name some examples? Is military training adequate to what war realities provide? Use research.

The format for the forum:

The main post: a three to five-paragraphed narrative introducing your idea or reaction, backed with evidence, and a conclusion. A paragraph is understood to be composed of 5-8 sentences with proper citations, references, and style/grammar. The main post is always due on Thursday. Example

The secondary post(s): a free-flowing discussion engaging others’ comments, with no length requirement yet academic in nature. Evidence-based material only. If you select to introduce evidence – MLA formatting for citations and bibliography is a must. No speculations and don’t forget to cite (in text and at the end of your post). You may start a discussion link through this forum. The secondary post (s) is (are) due by Sunday night, and maybe be posted anytime during the assigned week. They are usually brief and respond or comment to peers in class.

You may choose to write in MLA, APA or Chicago for all our writing assignments in this class (discussions and essays). MLA is the most common and known to students. If you don’t know other writing styles and formats – just stick to MLA.

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