his is feedback for the pro for part b all the files foe this part and the answore i upload

B- this is FEEDBACK for the pro for part B , ALL the files foe this part and the answore i upload


Please revise and resubmit this assignment. Your score sheet is attached.

You did a good job providing an overview of Solomon’s strengths and weakness.

Please make the following changes

  • In the Student information and Functioning section identify 3 deficits (you currently identified 1)
  • In the Executive Function Deficit Analysis section, analysis all three deficits. You analyzed one correctly. Please use the same format to analyze the other two.
  • In the Intervention section, state an intervention for deficit and directly state the principle of effective instruction that applies.

Please resubmit this paper at your earliest convenience. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

I will grade your paper again once I receive your revision.

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