Hey guys, I’ve just written a draft for an induction program, please can you guys take a look at it and give me some constructive feedback,

Hey guys, I’ve just written a draft for an induction program, please can you guys take a look at it and give me some constructive feedback, especially if the draft sounds too much cut and paste to you or not authentic enough, please point out which part sounds like copy and paste to you! really appreciated that!

(Please type up your feedback)

The draft for the induction program I’ve written is as follows:-


Introduction The importance of induction for new member of staff cannot be underestimated or undervalued in any organization or financial services companies. While there is an abundant materials and guidelines available on the Internet that any new employee can just go through online, the need for a structured induction and training program specific to the organization cannot be eliminated for new employees for the sake of convenient. In the absence of a structured training and induction program for new employees, the consequences for the organization can be far reaching.

Because of that, this induction programme has been developed to outline tools and the management techniques that can be used to manage the new members to get started effectively and quickly.

What happens if there is no well structured induction and training program?

1/. In the absence of proper induction, an employee fails to understand the business environment he is expected to operate into.

2/. He/she is not able to understand his roles and responsibilities.

3/. He/she fails to align himself with the mission, vision and values of the organization. He feels lost at the workplace.

4/. Loss of productivity result from not knowing what the proper procedure and policy of the organization.

5/. Poor performance resulting from unable to perform the work according the proper procedure and policy.

6/. Adoption of malpractices as the new employee is under pressure to perform a task but not knowing the organization specific procedure and policy, hence he/she relies on the others’ direction who may not know what is the proper work procedure for the specific role that the new employee is in.

7/. Higher attrition due to the new employees are not performing well as they fail to understand expectation from them, as well as they miss the code of conduct and lead to performance disruption. Hence, they are being dismissed quickly leading to high turnover of staff.


The main objective of this induction programme is to assist new members of staff to quickly settle down and be part of the productive team in their respective departments. The aims for the induction program are as follows:-

1/. Educate an employee about the sector and industry.

2/. Make the employees aware about the company’s mission, vision, goals and values.

3/. Align the employees thought process towards the goal of the organization.

4/. Inform the employees about the existing rules and policies at the workplace so that they do not feel lost or be misled by others.

5/. Make an employee understand the code of conduct at the organization so that he understand what’s the acceptable behaviour in the organization and act accordingly.

The steps to design the induction programme are the followings:

1/. Welcoming and Introducing new members of staff to those they shall be working with, main facilities and the other department within the organization.

2/. Explanation of Vision Mission and goals and objectives of the company including its history and work culture.

3/. Explanation of Corporate Governance: Board of Directors, Department Heads, Managers and Key administrators.

4/. Explanation Main policy documents of the Company: Personnel, Procurement,Financial and Service Chapters.

5/. Description of working environment and full motion of procedures, regulations and practices, code of conduct in areas of work specific for the employee.

6/. The type of role and responsibilities specific for the employees.

7/. The documents for stating the kind of obligations of the employees within the organization.

8/. The policies for reward and compensation for the employees specific for their role within the organization.

9/. The specific expectations from the employees, namely introduction of KPI (Key performance indicator).

10/. A day tour at the head office.

11/. A day tour in the field.

12/. A day tour at a branch office.

13/. Closure of the induction program.

The candidate for the induction program:-

All new members of staff who join the company to help them acquire the knowledge and skills and settle quickly so that they become productive from the outset.

Duration of the induction program:-

The induction programme shall run for one week but it could be shortened by more efficient management of the process by the HR head. Follow up report after the induction program: After (10) weeks of induction, it is essential to follow-up newly engaged employees to ensure that they have settled down and to check how well they are doing.If there are problems, it is better to identify this early enough so that necessary assistance can be provided.

Who is responsible for implementing the induction programme

The Head of HR (Human Resource) Department shall be responsible for the management of an efficient induction programme. To implement this he/she shall be assisted by the immediate supervisor (facilitator) of the new member of staff.

The execution plan of the induction program will be as follows:-

DAY ONE Day one – first half

1/. New team members report to head of Department

2/. Introduction to the immediate supervisor/facilitator

3/. Objectives and overview of the induction programme

4/. Introduction to members of the department in their offices will be working.

5/. Shared tea/lunch with the new members

Day one – second half

1/. Engaging with new member with question and answer.

2/. Encouragement to assist the new member fit into the team.

3/. Introduce the new member to those he will be working with and to rely on and provide appropriate advice to the new team how to be effective and efficient team member.

4/. Encourage the new member to open up and offer his insight to his/her upcoming position/role and how his/her potential that could be tapped for his/her role.

DAY TWO Day two – first half

1/. Presentation of the Vision, Mission and Goals and Objectives of the organization.

2/. Introduction of the Corporate hierarchy details.

3/. Explanation of Policy documents including staff scope of practice and organization’s policy and procedure.

4/. Introduction of the organization’s work culture, working environment and its history.

Day two – second half

1/. Explain what customer care is: explain who are the organization’s major customers and their expectations

2/. Explanation of code of conduct for the employees to the new members.

3/. Conduct workshop with the new members to working with immediate supervisor in his/her office go through entire work process.

4/. Introduce new members to the main values of the company and its working environment

5/. Consultation with the new members what are their concerns so that to minimize their “culture shock”.

6/. Enforce the value to the new members that they have to see the company as a system where being a team player is vital.

DAY THREE Day three – first half

1/. Arrange the new members to their specific working department/section and meet with the heads of the department for at least two hours to develop the basic understanding of the work flow for his specific section/department, also to develop an insight as to what their head of department/section do.

Day three – second half

1/. To enforce the new members’ understanding that what works to be carried out by their specific departments and the major players

2/. To enforce the new members’ understanding on what it means to be employed in the sector, the responsibilities, obligations and expectation (see Appendix 1).

DAY FOUR Day four – first half

1/. Introduction of heads of department to the new members

2/. Introduction of the Administration Manager to the new members.

3/. Introduction of the Finance Officer to the new members.

4/. Introduction of the Chief Internal Auditor to the new members.

5/. Introduction of the Estates Manager to the new members

Day four – second half

1/. Introduction of the Chief Security Officer to the new members.

2/. Introduction of the Legal Officer to the new members.

3/. Introduction of the Public Relation Manager to the new members.

4/. Introduction of the Managing Director to the new members.

5/. Introduction of the Office Manager to the new members.

DAY FIVE Day five- first half

1/. Debriefing session with head of department

2/. Assignment of simple duties to the new members such as assigning the new members to meet the customers or answer customer queries in person or over the phone.

Day five – second half

1/. Explanation of customers’ service charter to new members.

2/. Ensure the new members understand the role of top offices and chief operation officers

3/. Ensure the new members understand who are their specific facilitator and where and how to communicate with the Head of department

Appendix One:-

Important (general) guidelines for the roles and responsibilities of the employees as follows:-

1. Adhering to the work culture.

2. Maintaining code of conduct and dress code.

3. Being in a financial company, employees must keep the objectives of the company in mind and be ready to take up responsibility for tasks performed.

4. Customers should be dealt with the foremost priority.

5. The customers’ money is our(the organization) money and hence be dealt with in an ethical manner in a efficient and effective manner.

6. Customers are the main focus of a financial services company, maintaining good relations with them is utmost necessary.

7. New members need to keep in mind that, information of customers are subject to privacy and should not be leaked or misused for any personal benefit, or else legal action will be taken.

8. Employees are expected to be a trustworthy so it is helps to maintain organization/company’s credibility .

9. Appraisals will be given time to time depending on employee’s key performance levels and how much goodwill the employees have developed with the customers.

10. Employees are expected to study in details the products and services which you will be selling to the customers before hand .

11. Being new in this industry, employees are expected to refer the manual to acquaint themselves with the terms used in the financial market and what they mean and also refer the policy and procedures prepared by the company/organization to work and understand their roles and responsibilities for their specific department in a better way .

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