Grant Writing: Week 4 Discussion Board Grant Goals and Objectives

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Read Chapters 6-9 (Karsh & Fox)

What kind of non-profit or social for-profit organization would you like to work for? Discover a “grant need” you may believe they need by investigating their organization (through their website, social media platforms, etc.) and explain why you came up with it. (this could possibly end up being used in your final project so make sure to be thorough)

Please give a brief description of the organization and explain how your potential grant will support their mission statement. Include three goals and three objectives for each goal (total of 9 objectives) – must be measurable. You will need to develop these skills and to develop this thought process before your initial introduction and meeting with your partner(s) (which I will be announcing soon). Remember, your ideas, goals, and objectives need to be supported with research, so demonstrate you are thinking through your brainstorming by citing, citing, citing – as well as offering suggestions and citations in your supportive responses to your peers.

  • Please explain in detail and use the book and other sources to support your answer.
  • Remember thorough follow up posts are included as part of the participation grade

Please note:

  • Initial Discussion Board Post Due Friday by 11:59 (250 word minimum) (please back up your comments with citations from the book or articles you have read) I do not just want your opinions, but I want you to back it up with research demonstrating you are reading the book and outside sources.
  • Discussions are the place to gain a deeper understanding of the material, so please embrace this process.
  • Very important to cite and to be providing sources to support your points of view.

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