forensic psychology paper 3

Write a 7 page paper on the topic “The Role of the Police Psychologist”

Please follow the Rubric Guidelines below:

1. Content and Development- The topic is clearly defined and explained in the paper. The topic relates to the subject of Forensic Psychology. At least 3 primary sources are used and appear in Bibliography.

2. APA Style- The paper adheres to APA style, citations follow APA guidelines (page # ‘s author is cited properly) This part is very crucial

3. Format- All or most paragraph indentation, line spacing, and margins are correct.

4. Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation- Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation throughout the paper. All sentences are complete, clear, concise and well-constructed

5. Following Directions- The correct number of words or pages is met. A title and Bibliography is included

This is a very very important paper, so if you can’t follow the guidelines properly and correctly please do not bid. This is worth a huge portion of my grade and I don’t have time for screw-ups due to being carelessness.

Please do not bid if you can’t meet the budget. No plagiarism

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