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Group Project- Emerging/Convergence Technology Paper and Presentation- Final

Group Paper/Presentation Final (150 points)

Group Emerging/Convergence Technology Paper and Presentation

  • Small teams will collaboratively write a final paper discussing an emerging or converging technology and recommend how this technology can be made more universally accessible and governed to provide a proper cybersecurity and cyberethical posture. The small teams will create a slide deck to present the paper materials to the cohort.
  • SLO’s 1-6
  • 20% of the total grade
  • A full description and grading rubric are provided in Blackboard.

As we proceed with cybertechnology research and development in the twenty-first century, continued technological emergence and convergence would seem to be inevitable. Many of us have benefited significantly from the conveniences made possible by this phenomenon so far – for example, cell phones that take pictures, GPS technology in automobiles that guide motorists, etc. Yet, we have also noted some controversial implications that emergent/convergent technologies can have for individual freedom, autonomy, and privacy. In this paper (and related the presentation), as a small group, you will explore one emergent/convergent technology- summarize key information about the technology, discuss the accessibility, cybersecurity, and cyberethics concerns, and recommend how to make the technology more universally accessible and a governance program to properly secure the technology and associated data.

As a small group, you will deliver a 7-10 page paper in APA style (7th Edition). You will create a slide deck that will be presented in class on Week 7. This will be a 15-20 minute group presentation

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