final project 10 page paper legal foundations of the church

You will need to have access to the book “Ministry and the Law” by Mary Ann Shaughnessy, “Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought,” by McConnell, Cochran, and Carmella, and “Christianity and Law: An Introduction” by Witte, Jr. and Alexander.

  1. This project will consist of a dynamically constructed ten-page minimum paper.
  2. The topic will be on an established church starting a Christian School.
  3. Explore in depth all sides of the issue.
  4. Decide what type of a presentation you would like to construct. Some examples are as follows: to inform, educate, persuade, celebrate, or a combination of all.
  5. Outline your approach and gather your credible sources including visuals such as pictures, charts, graphs, and illustrations to present your points if necessary.
  6. Insure you state all sides of the issue from a legal perspective from the Church, as well as from the secular community.

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