Finacial Statements for X company appear below:

Finacial Statements for X company appear below:Statement of Financial PositionDecember 31, Year 2 and Year 1(Dollars in thousands)Year 1Current Assetts$140$170$110$70$490NonCurrent Assets:$1520$2010Current Liabilities:$110$40$110$260Non Current Liabilities: $300$560Stockholders’ equity:$120$200$260$870$1450$2010Income StatementFor the Year Ended December 31, Year 2$1900$1330$570$220$350$30$320$96$224Required.Compute the following for Year 2:A)Current ratioB) Acid-test RatioC) Average Collection PeriodD) inventory TurnoverE) Times interest EarnedF) Debt-to-equity ratio

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