Fallacy Assignment

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Once you know the basic rules of logic, you need never be susceptible to a bad argument ever again. Scan a newspaper, magazine, blog, or website to see if you can find an example of a logical fallacy. You might find that the editorial page of the newspaper provide lots of great examples. Also look for logical fallacies and appeals to emotions in commercials, both on the radio and on television. Share what you find by providing a link, where possible. When you cannot provide a link, describe what you heard/saw and explain what fallacy you think it is and why.

Again, locate and identify a fallacy in the media. When you share the fallacy you’ve found, be sure to:

a) Describe the article, commercial, or whatever you find that commits a fallacy

b) Identify which fallacy you think it is committing

c) Describe why your example fits the description of the fallacy being committed

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