Extreme Weather homework

Need help with my Environmental Science question – I’m studying for my class.

What is the Purpose of this Assignment? We can’t talk about anything related to weather if we don’t know where we are.

Geography matters – so let’s spend a little bit of time looking at important places on the map (Q1) and learning where certain kinds of extreme weather occur (Q2). Then, you’ll get some more practice with winter precipitation (Q3, Q4) to help further prepare for the exam. What is Expected of my Submitted Work? This assignment is worth a total of 15 points. You’ll earn one point for submitting work that meets all these criteria: – Name is on it – All of it is typed – except for the map in Q1 and the table in Q4, which you may do neatly and cleanly by hand if you choose – It is stapled, if necessary – It is not crumpled, wadded, frayed, stained with coffee, etc. – It is submitted on time

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