Ethical, Legal, Social Position Paper (50 points) Length:

Ethical, Legal, Social Position Paper (50 points) Length: 800 words

Write a memo to the president of an organization, proposing and justifying a policy to address an ethical IT/IS issue from an ethical/Christian, legal and social perspective. Include at least 3 references to examples/cases you have found on the web. Here are two sample issues. You may choose another ethical issue as well.

  • An organization performs an internet search on prospective employees…
  • An organization monitors employees’ email, social media presence, location…
  • Please submit as a Word document with single spacing, Times Roman font 11.


  • ___ /20 Grammar / Spelling
  • ___ /20 Description of Case/Problem
  • ___ /20 References
  • ___ /40 Convincing

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