EssayMental Illness The philosophy and attitudes related to the treatment of mental illness have come a long way in the last century.

Essay—Mental IllnessThe philosophy and attitudes related to the treatment of mental illness have come a long way in the last century. In the early part of the twentieth century, terms like insane, moron, idiot, and imbecile were commonly used to describe individuals who would today be diagnosed with mental illness or mental retardation. Mental hygiene was a term commonly used instead of mental illness to refer to individuals who were imbalanced, or not normal. In the early to the mid-twentieth century, a common practice in the treatment of individuals with chronic mental illnesses was to house them in large institutions. Medications for the treatment of mental illness, such as antipsychotics, became common only in the 1950s, with the introduction of Thorazine.One of the more challenging issues in the treatment of mental illness is to define a particular disorder. In 1952, the APA published DSM. This manual attempted to classify disorders based on a standardized set of symptoms. Over the years, the manual has been revised with the DSM-IV-TR (text revision, 2000) being the latest one. The purpose of a classification system like the DSM-IV-TR is to standardize the diagnostic criteria. The type of treatment and services then can be based, in a standardized fashion, on the diagnosis.The purpose of this assignment is to examine a mental illness by reviewing the diagnostic criteria contained in DSM-IV-TR.Google the keywords “BehaveNet Clinical Capsule: APA Diagnostic Classification” to visit the BehaveNet Clinical Capsule: APA Diagnostic Classification Web pages. Research a disorder by using the manual and answer the following questions in your essay:Describe the disorder. What are the typical symptoms of the disorder?What is the typical age of onset of the disorder?Is the disorder more prevalent in men or in women? Submit your essay in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document. Cite your sources, if any, on a separate page using the APA format.

AlzheimerAlzheimer or dementia of Alzheimer type is one of the types of mental illness which is foundin a large number of people in the entire world. The disease was first discovered by Alois…

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