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you have helped me with both formal papers about astroturfing and the argumenative paper you’re working on now so you should have an idea of “my work” ty you’re the best

Reflective Essay

Your final assignment in this class is to write an introduction to your collection of work, a reflection over the past semester.Basically, you will reflect on what you have written, how you have grown/changed as a writer, and how you would assess your own work.

  • Write me an introduction to your work in which you reflect on this process from beginning to end.Where were you as a writer coming into the course?In comparison, where are you now?How do you know? How did you get here?
  • Reflect on the process of producing your formal papers (Papers 1 and 2).Generally, how did your writing process change from beginning to end?How have your papers changed, from what they were originally intended to be to where they are now?
  • What have you gotten better at over the course of the semester?Where have you improved as a writer?What portions of your portfolio work (be specific) demonstrate this?What are your portfolio’s greatest “strengths?”
  • On the other hand, where are the weaknesses?Where are you still struggling?What would you change if you had more time?

Your finished document should be at least 750 words, roughly two double-spaced pages.

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