Environmental Politics Reflection

“Power is the ability to influence someone to do something that they otherwise would not do. In this assignment, I would like to for you consider that. Who are the main actors in environmental politics? How do these actors exercise power over one another? When developing your answers, make sure you use the readings provided. I want to hear your own voice (what you think of these issues), as much as I want to see that you understood what the authors in the readings said. For each of the answers, use at least 3 different readings from those provided. I suggest a minimal of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words per answer. Include the references towards the end of each answer. References do not count towards the word limit.” – Instructions If you use any other websites for information please reference. Question 1: How do environmental activists and businesses influence one another? In your answer make sure to talk about: a) How environmental activists influence corporations and businesses b) How corporations and businesses influence environmental activists c) Compare cooperative and confrontational strategies that these actors use to influence one another. Question 2: There is an inherent tension in the concept of sustainable development: the idea that it is possible to protect the environment and promote economic growth at the same time. Explain how different actors in environmental politics perceive these two goals. Which actors are interested in economic growth? Which actors are interested in environmental protection? Explain how these actors came together in various moments to negotiate this tension. What were the results of these negotiations? What institutions and international agendas were created, and how do they work? Relevant readings will be attached – You will be able to get the gist of them from skimming/reading key paragraphs/reading the conclusions.

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