English Composition: reading questions.

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After you complete reading 1.1 on strategies to approach an assignment, identify five main ideas from the text below that you think are the most important and useful takeaways (for you and your writing process), and write one sentence explaining each of the five points and why you think it is important and useful. Upload your five sentences.

After you read the assignment details closely and carefully, think through your approach to the construction of your Literacy Narrative. Then preview all the Activities and Tasks in Project 1 (see all content links). Once you have digested the material, post your considered responses to each of the following:

1. Where will you do the reading (location and device)?

2. Where will you write and store assignments (hardware and software)?

3. When and where will you work (main times and locations)?

4. What are the main details of the assignment?

5. What, specifically, did you learn from previewing all the activities and tasks in Project 1?

6. What planning or calendering technique will you use to plan for the next five weeks?

7. Describe this assignment in one sentence for a defined audience.

8. What question(s) would you ask your Instructor?

9, What will you need to succeed in this assignment?

10. What terms and concepts will you need to understand to fulfill this assignment?

11. What part(s) of the assignment interest you most?

12. Finally, do you feel prepared to complete the assignment? If you do, what steps in this preparation process have helped most? If you do not, what might help you feel prepared?

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