ENGL101. Kairos Analysis

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Choose one of the impeachment speeches and analyze its Kairos. In at least 200 words, use the following questions to help your composition, but you are not required to answer all the questions. Just let them guide your response. Include citations for any outside articles or sources you might use to write this essay, but no outside sources are required. Better responses will include vocabulary from our textbook. Complete before next class.

Occasion and Exigence:

  • What motivating events set the stage for the rhetor’s contribution?
  • What conditions or issues affect the creation of this discourse?

Historical and Cultural Context:

  • What events affect what the rhetor can say or how the audience will likely respond?
  • What long-term historical, political, or social trends does this discourse contribute to or draw upon?
  • How timely or appropriate is the rhetor’s message based on the historical/cultural context?

Forum and Genre:

  • Where did this persuasive effort occur or appear?
  • What kind of discourse is this?
  • What other discourses formally resemble this one?


  • Describe the rhetor’s ethos?
  • How does the rhetor build his/her/their credibility?
  • What is the purpose of the rhetor’s message?


  • Describe the rhetor’s intended audience?
  • What presuppositions might they have?
  • How does the rhetor address the audience’s concerns?
  • How does the rhetor use evidence the audience will respect?

vocabulary from textbook: Rhetrickery, Artfulness, Decorum, Timeliness, Relativism, Nihilism, Rhetorical Perspective, Discourse, Rhetor, Rhetorician, Kairos, Presuppositions, Exigence and Genre.

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