ENG 15 2page essay.

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Major Essay 1: Researched analysis of academic integrity/plagiarism/intellectual property (100 pts)

  1. Using the PSU Library Databases, locate an article that discusses either academic integrity, plagiarism, or intellectual property.
  2. Read and make appropriate notes.
  3. Write a 2 page response paper where you:
    1. Summarize the article
    2. Reflect on the broader meaning
    3. Comment on what surprised you/what you learned
  4. Use citations as best as you can, you will NOT be penalized for incorrect citations; you will be penalized for a lack of citations.
  5. Organize in proper MLA format.
  6. Submit, with your essay, a pdf or hyperlink for the article you read.
  7. Specific items to be graded: MLA format, Coherent paragraphs, works cited page, complete summary, reflections, and ending commentary.

the primary source: https://go-gale-com.ezaccess.libraries.psu.edu/ps/i.do?p=LT&u=carl39591&id=GALE|A548441779&v=2.1&it=r&sid=summon

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