economic report for environment economical

You should include a short introduction and a conclusion.

You won’t know anything about Statistics Canada’s input-output model(COMTAX)or Statistics Canada’sSocialPolicy Simulation Database and Model (SPSD/M),so don’t bother even mentioning them.You can ignore Box 1.It is an important point, but it is more relevant for a taxation course, so you can ignore it here.You should number your pages. Your report should be no more than five pages in length, typed, double spaced.It will be assessed for both content and style.Content counts for about three-quarters of the grade.Style attributes (grammar, syntax, spelling, readability, clarity, overall coherence, …) count for the rest. You can use any other materials, but it is not required.Any other sources should be referenced properly.You do not need to reference or include a bibliography for the source listed above.Do not use a font sizesmaller than 11 points or margins less than one inch. You can work with other students on your analysis, but you must write and submit your paper yourself.Presenting work done by someone else as your own (plagiarism)is the most serious form of academic misconduct and dishonesty.You will be responsible for the material in the Ecofiscal Commission reportin the final exam, so you have an incentive to work on it yourself.

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