discussion watch short video and answer 3 questions in 350 words 3

Watch the short TED talk by Liv Boeree, “3 lessons on decision-making from a poker champion” (6 minuets) found here:


Answer the following questions in a paragraph each:

  1. Think about Carr’s characterization of poker as primarily a game of bluffing. Would Boeree also characterize poker as primarily a game of bluffing? Why or why not?
  2. Suppose that poker really is all about good decision-making rather than luck or intuition. If this is true about poker, what would Carr’s analogy between poker and business look like? Would lying in business dealings still be beneficial or appropriate? Why?
  3. Lastly, what do you think about this distinction between business ethics and private ethics? Is there such a distinction? Or are they really just the same? Why?

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