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Restaurant manager Sandra was facing a significant challenge in working with her struggling waitstaff. The restaurant had recently been sold and the new owners had definitive ideas of the type of service and atmosphere they wanted guests to receive, but the waitstaff could not seem to achieve the owners’ vision for service and customers, and owners and waitstaff were complaining. Sarah was given the task of creating and delivering a full-day workshop in which her goal was to ensure that all waitstaff understood the type of service to be delivered and that they did it consistently.

Consider the following:

Now that Sandra has delivered the workshop and wait staff seem to be on board with the new style of service, Sandra’s next challenge is to create a management and leadership plan for her group that not only ensures that they deliver consistent service, but that they also work toward becoming a team. Using the results that you achieved on your management, leadership, and team self assessment, briefly describe how you would manage and lead Sandra’s group toward becoming a team while providing consistently excellence service.

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