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Write about Wealth and poverty in the Gilded, and Labor and Immigration in the Gilded Age.

#Wealth and poverty in the Gilded

1-The Industrial Economy.

2-The Gospel of Wealth

3–Laborers in the Gilded Age.

#Labor and Immigration in the Gilded Age.

Labor and Immigration in the Gilded Age.

  • 1. Workers Unite: Unionism and Anti-Labor
  • Violence

  • 2. The New Immigration and the New Nativism
  • 3. Farmers Revolt: Populism in the South and west.
  • Please post your thoughts about this week’s readings from Voices of Freedom and how they relate to our lecture and our textbook, Give Me Liberty!. Consider the major themes, questions that arose while you read, and how the readings fit into the historical narrative. This post should be at least 100 words of meaningful interpretation.

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