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Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

It can be tempting to go to an Internet source to gather information when responding to DQs, but you are strongly urged not to use outside resources in answering DQs. If it is discovered that you are, and you have not correctly cited your source(s), or given correct reference credit for another’s work, you may receive a 0 (zero) on that specific weekly discussion.

In your own words, answer Learning Objective and remember the 100-200 minimum word limit! Utilize the book!

Do not start several sentences in a row with the same one or two words.

  • All written work must be free of grammatical, punctuation and sentence structure errors.
  • Please proofread all written work you submit, including discussions and correspondence with me and other students.

Why are cluster suicides more common in adolescence than in later life?

What are the similarities between life-course-persistent and adolescence-limited offenders?

What methods have proven successful in reducing adolescent drug use?

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