Discussion Bored Questions

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Course Name / Hazardous Materials and Industrial Safety

Discussion Bored Questions

1. Please “inventory” your personal workspace (employment) to a distance of five (5) miles ( I live in Ardmore, PA 19003). List all identified Hazardous Materials in this region (requires a referenced definition of Hazardous Materials, cite your source. Your local community right to know/Emergency Planning Committee can supplement your personal “windshield search” for materials in their customary locations. Plot these locations on a map, preferably a topographical map. Finally, perform a “Hazard Analysis” rating the most likely hazard material to create an incident, the most toxic to humans, most unique in response, and most persistent to the environment.

Locate the SDS for each and post. One additional document with Hazard data/response recommendations for each substance is desirable.

2. Through local and electronic research, identify the responsible goverment agency charged with preparedness, protection, and mitigation of a major Region-wide hazardous material release in your locale. Post the contact information, area of responsibilty (air, land, water, population) and your region of response in your personal DB thread. Write a brief report of the agency’s resources for preparedness and mitigation.

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

– I live in Ardmore, PA 19003

– I attached sample of expected answer

– Respond critically to two of my classmates discussion (attached).

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