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Weeks Four -Persons with Disabilities and Disasters


When most people think of special needs populations, the group that enters their mind is the disabled. Current terminology calls this group “persons with disabilities.” FEMA has changed the term to “Access and Functional Needs” and covers much more than traditional disabilities.


  • Discuss sheltering needs for special needs populations.
  • Think about changes you make for persons with disability if you had the power to do so.
  • Discuss what you think “Nobody left behind” means for persons with disability.

Reading Assignments

FEMA’s guidance on disabled persons and inclusion in general duty shelters http://www.fema.gov/pdf/about/odic/fnss_guidance.pdf

Discussion Bored Questions

1- From the readings and the material this week, briefly describe local resources that can aid a jurisdiction in making a shelter compliant with ADA requirements.

2- State how you could make members of the community more sensitive to the accessibility needs of others.

3- Respond critically to two of my classmates post (attached).

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

– Use your thoughts on answer.

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