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In this unit you learned about four different comparison designs. Using the behavior and intervention you described in Unit 5 and Unit 6, choose one of the comparison designs and apply the behavior and intervention to it. For example, you may want to compare the original intervention chosen to a second intervention, or you may want to investigate procedural integrity of the original intervention. In your presentation make sure to include a discussion of the internal validity for the specific comparison design you chose.

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The hypothetical situation is the testing for a vaccine. A malaria vaccine has been developed to help address the prevalence of malaria in developing nations. The A-B-A-B study design may be used to determine whether or not the vaccine is likely to be effective in addressing the problem in the region. The vaccine could be introduced to the selected population and its impacts tested. It would be withdrawn to determine the possible effects and then finally reintroduced if it is found to be effective or impactful.

In unit five, the intervention investigated was the use of a malaria vaccine to prevent the rise of malaria in developing nations. The main reason for looking at this intervention is that while malaria is a treatable disease, it is still a major killer in many developing countries.

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