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Read fellow student comments and respond with the pros and cons of their policy, list three things they may include to further enhance their policy.

“An internet access policy I would implement if I were a manager of a company is website monitoring. Limiting certain websites that are not appropriate for work would be where I would start. Some websites I wouldn’t block entirely only because there can be unexpected uses for them; one such website would be YouTube. Oftentimes, YouTube has tutorials on how to make or compile worksheets or has problems worked out or explanations for hard to understand topics. However, I would put a watch on those websites to see what key words were used most often so I could make sure my employees weren’t wasting work time and resources on things that would not benefit the work entity. Along with website monitoring, I would employ log-in access for areas of concern or higher security to limit access to read the file as well as only allowing those with clearance to change or alter sensitive information.”

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