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Discussion 1: Literacy, Discourse, and Doing School

In “The Politics of Teaching Literate Discourse” (Part 3). Delpit refers to literacy specialist James Paul Gee and his concept that literacy extends far beyond reading and writing. Gee sees literacy as “a way of being in the world.” He also identifies primary and secondary identity kits- the customs, language, social skills, values, beliefs, and perspectives we bring to various situations. If students do not enter your classrooms knowing the school discourse, or “how to do school”, whose job is t to teach them that survival skill? Gee and Delpit both acknowledge that literacy will always be part of a political entity.

After reading “The Politics of Literate Discourse” (Part 3) and viewing the video clip on Gee’s theory,
share with your class colleagues which one of Delpit’s “what can teachers do?” suggestions would be something you could implement in your content area. Please explain how you would do this and why you feel it is important.

Please post your initial response by Tuesday November 13th and reply to the main response of at least five (5) other students by Thursday November 15th and Saturday November 17th.

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