Discuss your understanding of the human-computer interface (HCI) and its effect on the world today

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Discuss your understanding of the human-computer interface (HCI) and its effect on the world today. Discuss the following:

  • Discuss why HCI is so important to the overall design process.
  • Discuss 1 poor HCI experience that you have had recently.
  • Discuss 1 good HCI experience that you have had recently.
  • Provide substantive comments on the HCI experiences of at least 2 classmates.

Some topics to discuss in your responses to your classmates include the following:

  • Similarities that you and your classmates experience
  • Differences that you and your classmates experience
  • The effect that a good or a poor experience of a classmate has on your opinion of the HCI system


The human-computer interface is important because it is fundamental to make products more successful, safe, useful, functional and in the long run more measurable for the users. Cultural and national differences play a part in designing in the human-computer interface because different users have different ways of learning and keeping knowledge and skills according to the textbook

“User experience designers have played a key role in the dramatic growth of consumer electronics by providing effective and satisfying designs that have become widely adopted for personal communications, education, healthcare, and much more”(1.3.1 chapter one)

Another consideration in studying or designing HCI is that user interface change rapidly offering new possibilities for interaction to which researchers finding ways to apply changes as the users gradually master new interfaces.

The poor experience I had with HCI design which does not satisfy customers need, I bought mini-computer two years think it had every that I need especially the CD room, surprisingly there was no CD room I was unable to return it to the company I ordered from .i lost my money for something that became useless because some lied to me that mini type is equipped with all what you need.

The good experience is playing on your cell or smartphone while on the go you don’t need to watch the games at home or entertainment, you can enjoy movies while at work on your cell or tablets which is time safer and reduces boredom,

I encourage my friends and classmate as well to pay attention to this HCI because it’s very important in the field of any career you may choose in the future because, with current technology, we are going to be learning more and more as the technology is advancing every year and this affects the job markets and education as well.


Apple Human Interface Guidelines: http://developer.apple.com

Microsoft Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines: https://msdn.microsoft.com

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/


Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is so important to the overall design process because it is devices that will allow the user to use the software on the computer in a user friendly way. If something isn’t user friendly or helpful, no one will want to use it.

One poor Human Computer Interaction experience that I have had recently would be that occasionally the space bar on my phone in my text messaging application doesn’t always work. I have to restart my phone in order to get the space bar working again. It’s frustrating when something so simple as a space bar isn’t working on your phone. Luckily for now I have a simple fix for the problem that just takes a few minutes out of my day.

One good experience that I have recently had with Human Computer Interaction is that I was looking through my saved documents for my APA template to start on my individual project and I must have deleted it. What could have taken me a while to go online looking for the correct template examples to duplicate typing into Word, was easily found pre-made in Word already. Having this pre-set design already in place saved me time.


Kim, Ann. (July 11, 2018). What is Human Computer Interaction (HCI)? Retrieved from https://medium.com/@annkim_93227/what-is-human-computer-interaction-hci-3020e5c29e5b

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