Discuss How The Concept Of Health Has Changed Overtime

Discuss how the concept of health has changed overtime

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The health system continues to experience inadequate patient care and  expensive medical costs depending on diseases. The goal of any country’s health objective is to attain high quality care at affordable costs for its population. As nations such as US are striving to meet the above standards, stating the specific health goals to attain is imperative. Before understanding the healthcare gaps it is vital to define health and the related terms. Doing so, allows one to define the history and scientific evolution of health care in US. As opposed in the past when health was determined by food availability, excellent care should be beyond to cater for wellness and eating healthy.  Therefore, a summary of health definition overtime is crucial in explaining the trend of care and techniques to reach the value based care goal.

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 The key health stakeholders are struggling to improve health care through policy making and budgetary allocations. Healthcare leaders and politician continue to champion for better methods that can promote the peoples well being. Meanwhile, other facets are derailing the progress to attain the value-based care. Despite the huge budgetary allocations to healthcare and initiatives such as age friendly health systems, better maternal outcomes, Covid 19 rapid response and IHI leadership alliance, disparity in health provision is still enormous. The health system disparities are evident among the low income earners and those who are affluent. For examples, the immigrant Hispanics get different type of care from the Native Americans. The aspect of taxing has contributed heavily to a derail in the reducing the disparities in healthcare. The government, researchers, professionals in the health and communities should harness a specific definition of health in order to cater for the whole population. Understanding what health is could play an integral role in the transformation of healthcare. Addressing this aspect can guarantee a balance in the resource utilization and patient care. The cost of medicine can be affordable to the people in the future.

Hippocratic Definition of Health

The Hippocratic definition come from the father of medicine Hippocratic. He was the first person to help in differentiation of health as a factor of cleanliness as opposed to spiritual causes. The causes of diseases according to him originated from the fours fluids, blood, phlegm, and yellow bile balance. Thus, the Hippocratic concept of health, was due to the behavior and environmental factors.

The WHO definition of health

The world health organization defines health as a “total state of mental physical and social being of an individual. After world war two, the World health organization coined the term to attain the top levels of health for the population. They later expanded to quality of care and expense of obtaining medicine in different parts of the world. Also it focused on well being and health promotion. The WHO has been pushing he world leaders such as politicians, policy makers, academicians, community and scientists to achieve levels of well being. Despite the efforts by WHO to define health, the definitions still remain ambiguous. The definitions has several drawbacks since happiness was quite subjective.

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