Descriptive Statistics

I don’t know how to handle this Statistics question and need guidance.

Using your saved data set from Module 2, that I will also provide.

  • run descriptive analyses for these variables: PA severity, EA severity, SH and Truancy. Use the help guide (starting on pg 5) linked below to help you pick the correct analysis.
  • Take a screenshot or use the snipping tool of the output window for each of your analyses and paste them into a word document. Not sure how to screenshot or snip? Google it. Remember, you may only turn in a single document so images must be embedded in your response document.
  • Then, write one APA formatted sentence reporting the findings of each analysis (so 4 sentences total). Each sentence should appear below the output table for that analysis. Notes about how to report these numbers are also present in pg 5 of the help guide.

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