define these

Attachment is not the full chapter, just parts that include the definitions below.

Chapter 7 Questions

Define, explain, and give examples of the following using the language of social psychology

(S.P.) used in the text. When one of these ideas is credited to a specific name or names, be

certain to give the names.

I. Define these concepts in the Interactionist Approaches to Deviance:

a. Deviance

b. Mores

c. Folkways

d. Taboos

e. Indexicality

f. Reflexivity

g. Labeling theory

h. Primary deviance

i. Secondary deviance

j. Agents of social control

k. Outsiders

l. Stigma

m. Passing

n. Covering

o. Retrospective interpretations

II. Define these concepts in Social Structure and Deviant Behavior:

a. Anomie

b. Strain theory

c. Conformists

d. Innovators

e. Ritualists

f. Retreatists

g. Rebellion

h. Social control theory

i. Attachment

j. Commitment


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k. Involvement

l. Belief

m. Self-control theory

n. Social disorganization theory

III. Define these concepts in Group Relationships and Deviance:

a. Differential Association theory

b. White-collar crimes

Chapter 7 Self-Application over lecture

This lecture is taken from a chapter of a book I wrote. In “Edges and Knowns”, you are

presented with a “deviant” culture that you probably know little about. We blind people are

frequently amazed at how little the average person understands about blindness, thus we take

advantage of any opportunities to present some information about it.

Write a reaction to what you read, taking any stance you wish. It should explain some of our apparent deviance. Please

refer to the lecture “EDGES AND KNOWNS”

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