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Using APA style (Owl Purdue, Lynn’s Library Website, & the iBook) write roughly 4 pages (1100 to 1300 words) on your chosen topic. I am open to writing new essay prompts according to student interests. If you have an idea for a prompt, share it with me. Otherwise, choose from the below History, Greek Philosophy, or Happiness prompts:

Using Loewen’s Vietnam reading and the Fog of War documentary, interpret the Vietnam war. What conclusions do you reach about why the war was fought, the rationale for how it was fought, U.S. propaganda use and the erosion of trust in the government, and the peace movement. Also, why do you feel the Vietnam War is a relevant topic for study? Feel free to use outside sources. One extensive history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam was recently produced by PBS and is featured on Netflix: Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War. It is recommended that you watch the entire documentary.

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