Database Resources and Research

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1. Identify 2-database resources from where data can be downloaded to analyze association between

  • Chemical exposures and disease outcomes
  • Diet and obesity

2. Using a reliable data source (e.g. CDC, EPA (Links to an external site.), BRFSS (Links to an external site.), USDA, RAIS (Links to an external site.)) download any disease (cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma) related data for 5-10 years and show a trend in (a graph or table) of increase or decrease in a US state or county of your choice. (Cite the source). Explore this EPA (Links to an external site.) site as well to check the important databases.

3. Using the following website, (Links to an external site.) identify 2-software tools and describe in 3-5 sentences their utility in risk assessment process.

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