dangerous liaisons

use direct references

1) What is the purpose of the beginning of the film? What does it show about a) the characters, b) the society, c) the ‘virtues’ of 18th century French society?

2) How, and to what purpose, does the Marquise de Meurteuil (Glenn Close) use the sexuality of the young Cécile (Uma Thurman)? What does this suggest about the nature of sexuality for la Marquise?

3) La Marquise tells Valmont: “I’ve always known I was born to dominate your sex and avenge my own.” Explain what this means for la Marquise and her relationship to society at large?

4) Why is la Marquise de Meurteuil punished? What was her crime? Was it appropriate?

5) What does the film suggest about the relationship between society, culture, and sexuality?

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