” Cultural assimilation teaches the culture’s values, attitudes, manners, and customs.

“Cultural assimilation teaches the culture’s values, attitudes, manners, and customs. So-called guerrilla linguistics, which involves learning some phrases in the local language, is often used at this stage. It also typically includes role-play exercises where the trainee responds to a specific situation to be evaluated by a team of judges. This method is often used when someone is given little notice of a short stay abroad and wishes to take a crash course in social and business etiquette and communication.” (Menipaz, International Business, Chapter 12, Sage Publications)

Sensitivity training teaches people to be considerate and understanding of other people’s feelings and emotions. It gets the trainee “under the skin” of the local people.

Respond to the following:

•  Discuss the special and important skills any employee would need in order to be considered as an employee for a large corporation. Include training and development that follows once the employee is hired and the international staffing policy, including Ethnocentric and Polycentric staffing.EMPLOYEE SKILLSFor an individual to be hired by a large corporation as an employee, there are special andimportant skills that a person should portray (McIntosh, 2008). An employee should have…

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