Critical Thinking Essay

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Although this course is designed to help you move beyond the traditional five-paragraph essay–to progress “from competence to excellence,” per our course textbook–this first essay is a chance for you to show me what you already know about how to craft an argumentative essay. If you’ve been taught the five-paragraph five-paragraph model, you’re welcome to use it.

Your essay will be scored using the rubric below.

Use this week’s assigned texts (the article, film, and podcast) to support your position.……

You’re welcome to include additional evidence, but you’re not expected to do research for this essay. You can use personal examples to supplement your supporting evidence, but your essay shouldn’t be a personal narrative. For best results, end your first paragraph with a thesis statement that takes a clear position on the following:

If iPhones and screen time are destroying a generation, as Jean Twenge contends, how should we attempt to intercede? Should it be up to parents to limit screen time, or should schools establish guidelines for students to follow, both in and out of the classroom? Should we enact legislation to force technology companies and social media platforms to act responsibly, or should we leave these issues up to the free market and let consumers decide with their wallets and their clicks? Or, if you think Twenge’s thesis is problematic, how would you frame the issue, and what solutions would you propose?

Length: ~600-800 words.

Please don’t plagiarize. If you have questions about what constitutes plagiarism, send me a message or ask me in class before you submit your essay. You may use ideas developed in our class discussion, but you should not submit something you wrote for another class (see the course syllabus re: “self-plagiarism” and its consequences).


In case to save our time. please check the requirements, the article material, and the grading rubric please.

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