creating your own command line based music search utility using python3

In this “mini-project” you will be creating your own command-line based music search utility using Python3 and the Mutagen ID3tag library.

Using the example attached example code (and previous python labs) as a starting point, write a Python program which can be invoked as follows:

(The following uses standard “command-line notation” but with POSIX syntax… just because it’s easier to parse.)

(python) [–artist=artistname] [–song=songname] [–album=albumname] fileGlob.

  • You should be able to search for “artist”, “song”, or “album” (and any others that you wish to add).
    • If you wish, you may limit the search to just one of artist, song, album at a time, or allow for multiple parameters.
  • The search target should be a regular expression.
  • The “FileGlob” should search for the correct file type in the specified directory.

For example, the command: –artist=”^.*sh$” c:temp

(NOTE: Depending on the command shell, you may need to “quote” any arguments that could be interpreted as a special symbol by the shell interpreter itself, just like you would for spaces in a filename.)

for example: “–artist=^.*sh$”c:some_folder”

Yields (as a sample):

File Title Artist Album


Bouncing.mp3 Bouncing Around the Room Phish A Live One

Gumbo.mp3 Gumbo Phish A Live One

Simple.mp3 Simple Phish A Live One

Landlady.mp3 The Landlady Phish A Picture of Nectar

Glide.mp3 Glide Phish A Picture of Nectar

Tweezer_Reprise.mp3 Tweezer Reprise Phish A Picture of Nectar

Free.mp3 Free Phish Billy Breathes

Character_Zero.mp3 Character Zero Phish Billy Breathes

Steep.mp3 Steep Phish Billy Breathes

Caspian.mp3 Prince Caspian Phish Billy Breathes

The_Curtain_With.mp3 The Curtain With Phish Colorado ’88 (disc1)

The_Sloth.mp3 The Sloth Phish Colorado ’88 (disc1)

Corinna.mp3 Corinna Phish Colorado ’88 (Disc 3)

Thank_You.mp3 Thank You Phish Colorado ’88 (Disc 3)

Farmhouse.mp3 Farmhouse Phish Farmhouse

Twist.mp3 Twist Phish Farmhouse

Bug.mp3 Bug Phish Farmhouse

Finding_My_Way.mp3 Finding My Way Rush Chronicles

Working_Man.mp3 Working Man Rush Chronicles

Fly_by_Night.mp3 Fly by Night Rush Chronicles

Anthem.mp3 Anthem Rush Chronicles

Fly_By_Night.mp3 Fly By Night Rush Different Stages (disk 3)

Cinderella_Man.mp3 Cinderella Man Rush Different Stages (disk 3)

Natural_Science.mp3 Natural Science Rush Different Stages [Disc 2]

The_Spirit_Of_Radio.mp3 The Spirit Of Radio Rush Different Stages [Disc 2]

Tom_Sawyer.mp3 Tom Sawyer Rush Different Stages [Disc 2]

YYZ.mp3 YYZ Rush Different Stages [Disc 2]

Summertime_Blues.mp3 Summertime Blues Rush Feedback

Crossroads.mp3 Crossroads Rush Feedback


Found 29 Matches

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