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text and refer to your organization’s Vision and Mission statements. If there are statements of values, ethics, or social responsibility, review those as well. Document any new statements in your essay. Write a response to the following questions and provide evidence to support your answers for the second section of your project:

Organization Could be Southwest Airlines..

  1. Does your organization value diversity in its workforce? Does the workforce reflect the larger society in which your organization operates?
  2. Does your organization value diversity in its customers?
  3. Does your organization operate internationally? If so, does its attitude toward diversity serve it well, or poorly?
    Type your 2-4 page response as an APA-style essay an include APA-style references. You do not need to include a title page for this assignment. Grammar, spelling, and quality will influence your grade. The Gangwish Library provides a
    guide to APA writing and excellent resources.Due:

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