Comprehensive Discussion Prompt

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For this discussion, you are required to develop a comprehensive discussion prompt from assigned chapter readings that goes beyond simply stating the obvious. Your questions should require both applied and conceptual analysis of the core course constructs. Consider the questions that I’ve developed over the last three weeks that require you to go beyond just definitions and restating what you’ve read in the chapters readings. That’s what is meant by applied and conceptual questions. Please do not duplicate any of the questions in the chapter learning objectives.

Questions that rely only on factual knowledge from the chapter readings will not receive maximum points. Your questions should require thought beyond just reframing the answer from the text. Your questions should require thoughtful analysis beyond the text

Please develop one DQ for each of the three (3) chapters: Chapters 17, 18 and 19. Please carefully label each of your questions by chapter, and do not cover the same topic unless you are requiring a very different perspective on the topic. Essentially there is enough content covered in each of these chapters so that no two people should have the need to cover the same chapter content (i.e. label as DQ Chapter 17, DQ Chapter 18, DQ Chapter 19).

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