Complete 2 Short Discussions (Troy)

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Based on the research on mnemonists and on the self-reference effect, state at least two ways by which you can increase your recall of information when studying for an exam. Be specific and be sure to state the relationship between the research and your proposed study strategies.


While athletes follow special training programs and maintain certain diets to make sure their performance is at peak level, a variety of performance enhancing drugs have been banned. Drugs used in sports fall into certain categories: (1) Anabolic Steroids, (2) Erythropoietin and other Peptide Hormones, (3) Beta blockers, (4) Stimulants, and (5) Narcotics. Select and discuss one such specific forbidden drug. Is the drug you selected forbidden in all sports; if not, which sport is it allowed in? What are the performance enhancing aspects of this drug? What adverse or harmful effects can this drug have on the human body?

Here’s a useful link to get you started: (Links to an external site.)

REMEMBER: Please include references for any sources of information, other than your own knowledge, that you use to respond in your posts

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