Compare/Contrast BMI Individual Plan:

Compare/Contrast BMI & Individual Plan: There are three sections to this part of the assignment, and for the first part, you need to designate where your BMI falls according to the standard tables (underweight, normal, overweight, obese). In the second part of the assignment, you need to develop a dietary plan for your BMI value, and for the most part, you need to be as detailed as possible. Basically, I would like to see a “day in your life” according to where your current BMI falls. You need to include how many calories you plan on taking in and why, and you also need to develop a day’s worth of eating with specific foods and portions. As far as the exercise plan, again, you need to be as specific as possible. The goal of this section is to develop a plan that incorporates all of the components of a sound fitness program (flexibility, endurance, strength training, body fat, and cardiovascular), as well as discuss specific exercises that you plan on doing. Basically, the goal is to produce a weekly plan, with specific exercises, that has all of the components of a sound fitness plan.

My height is 4’11 and weight is 175lbs. So, the equation again is BMI (kg/m^2) = weight (kg) / height (m)^2

Now, we plug in my height and weight into the equation and we get:

BMI (kg/m^2) = (175 lbs. / 2.2kg) / (59 / 39.370m)^2

Simplify:  BMI (kg/m^2) = 79.5 kg / (1.4986m)^2

Simplify:  BMI (kg/m^2) = 79.5 kg / 2.2458m^2

My BMI is = 35.399 kg/m^2

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