Comparative Analysis

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Select a current international event/topic and, using the comparative analysis technique, you will develop a series of possible outcomes related to international homeland security and specifically to US homeland security.

Comparative analysis is used in both government and business to determine a course of action. In simplest terms, you identify an issue or problem, list a few alternative solutions or options for resolution (two or more), then compare the pros and cons of each option, and finally make a conclusion or recommendation.

The Comparative Analysis will be a five-to-seven double-spaced pages prepared using the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition style guide. A separate title page and reference page must be included which do not count toward the page count.

Review the Writing Help section for guidance on How to Write a Comparative Analysis.

Below are a list of sample topics/issues.

  • Border security
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Cyber/Technology
  • Emergency management (disaster, pandemic)
  • Domestic intelligence operations
  • Domestic military operations
  • Domestic surveillance
  • Due process/Judicial system
  • Federalism (Federal, state, regional, private sector)
  • Immigration
  • Information/Intelligence sharing
  • Interrogation techniques
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Legal/Policy coordination agreements/protocols (international, regional, multi-lateral, bilateral)
  • Privacy/civil liberties
  • Role of media
  • Terrorism (domestic and international)

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