Company I was assigned is Eli Lilly. 250 words) interpreting selected liquidity ratios.

Company I was assigned is Eli Lilly.This assignment is to compute and a write a summary (max. 250 words) interpreting selected liquidity ratios.1. CompaniesLast name begins with the lettersCVSN through Z: Eli Lilly2. Ratios to compute and interpret (only the following 4 liquidity ratios, defined in page 704 of the text):Current ratioCurrent cash debt coverage ratioInventory turnoverAccounts receivable turnover3. Time period: Years 2009, 2010, 20114. Source: Company annual reportCVS Lilly 5. Requirements:a. Required ratios in the following table:Your name:_____________________________________________CVS or Eli LillyRATIO201120102009CURRENT RATIOCURRENT CASH DEBT COVERAGE RATIOINVENTORY TURNOVERACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TURNOVERb. Answer to the following question in less than 250 words:Is the overall liquidity position improving, worsening, staying the same or cannot say, between 2009 and 2011? Why do you say so?6. Submission: Upload your submission to the Assignment Tab. Do NOT send it as a mail attachment to me or Linda. Do NOT submit in the Discussion Forum7. Deadline (See syllabus)8. Grading Rubric (See syllabus)9. Some common issues with 10K. – Assume all of net sales or net revenues as net credit sales- If, for example, the sales for 2011 in the 10-K for 2011 and the sales for 2011 in the 10-K for 2012 are different, use the one in the latter (10-K for 2012). In other words, go by the most recently reported information for the same data element.Grading Rubric for the Ratios Analysis Assignment:10%20% 3. Writing is free of spellingand grammatical errors,20%50%

Eli Lilly Liquidity Ratio Analysis1 Liquidity RatioIn order to measure the short term obligations, liquidity ratios are used. Under liquidity ratios,generally short term resources are compared…

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