Collins, J. Porras, J. (1996). Building your company’s vision. Harvard Business Review. 65-77. Collins and Porras outline two major concepts in…

Step one: Build a list of 5 jobs you believe would be very satisfying for you

Step two: Take each one of those 5 jobs and write down things you like about Step

three: Based on the things you like about that job, what are some other options where you could do that same type of work? Step four: Make a list of things you don’t like about each of those 5 original jobsStep five: Based on those things you wouldn’t like about the job, what are some options where that would not be an issue? 

3.Rounds, J. & Jin, J. (2013). Nature, importance, and assessment of needs and values.

In Career Development and Counseling (2nd Ed.). Brown, S. D. and Lent, R. W. (eds.). 417-447. 4. In this chapter, Brown and Lent describe the importance of needs and values. On page 419, the authors provide some conceptual issues between needs and values and posit the following questions:  Do work values emerge from general values as individuals interact with work?  Do work values influence general values?  Do different values become salient (engrained) as a person moves from one role to another? Based on the information provided from the authors, how would you answer these questions? Tables 15.1-3 outline various needs/values from theoretical foundations. It might be helpful to identify your own needs/values and tie those into your answers. Use evidence and personal experiences as necessary while citing sources accordingly. 

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