Clear and concise identification and presentation of the research findings noting any limitations.

clinicle PICO question
Order Description
review the following articles and to detail why and how each of article relates to my clinical PICOT question; In young asthmatic children can an educational intervention for asthma compared to those without educational intervention reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks ? you will need to demonstrates in-depth evaluation of all articles. Evaluation consistently adhered to the required criteria that demonstrated an excellent understanding of the strategies required to review/critique an article.
Excellent understanding of the bias authority reliability and credentials of the author journal/publisher
Clear and concise identification and presentation of the purpose of the research project and the research question(s)
identification of the all the components of the research methods
Clear and concise identification and presentation of the research findings noting any limitations.
and finally to communicates how the selected article(s) directly relate to the PICOT question and concisely and succinctly identifies how the article achieves the specific purpose with clarity and depth
Articles to be reviewed:
Liberatos P. Leone J. Craig A. M. Frei E. M. Fuentes N. & Harris I. M. (2013). Challenges of asthma management for school nurses in districts with high asthma hospitalization rates. Journal of School Health 83(12) 867-875. doi:10.1111/josh.12105
Ekim A. & Ocakci A. F. (2013). Perceptions of parents and children regarding asthma management responsibilities. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing 18(4) 289-296. doi:10.1111/jspn.12037
Chang A. B. Taylor B. Masters I. B. Laifoo Y. & Brown A. D. (2010). Indigenous healthcare worker involvement for indigenous adults and children with asthma. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (5) CD006344
Wilson C. Rapp K. I. Jack L. Hayes S. Post R. & Malveaux F. (2015). Asthma risk profiles of children participating in an asthma education and management program. American Journal of Health Education 46(1) 13-23. doi:10.1080/19325037.2014.977412
Wood M. R. Price J. H. Dake J. A. Telljohann S. K. & Khuder S. A. (2010). African american parents/Guardians health literacy and self-efficacy and their childs level of asthma control. Journal of Pediatric Nursing 25(5) 418-427. doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2009.05.003
Sterling Y. M. & Linville L. J. (2015). A qualitative study of case management of children with asthma. Professional Case Management 20(1) 30-39. doi:10.1097/NCM.0000000000000068

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