Classroom Strategies to Support Learning

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Conducting assessments through observations is an important skill for an early childhood professional. This assignment will require you to use observations to provide insight into a child’s development. To complete the assignment you will need to view the video below and conduct an informal observation.

Part 1:

Conduct an observation through watching the video below.

  1. While viewing the video, Teaching Chaislyn to Puzzle, take anecdotal notes on behaviors you feel are important. Jot down key behaviors that relate to specific developmental areas.
  2. After viewing the video conduct an Internet search using your favorite web browser to locate an observation tool/checklist that addresses a specific developmental skill or domain which was demonstrated in the video.
  3. Re-watch the video and complete the observation tool/checklist (that you selected above) for the child in video.

Part 2:

Use the information you collected in Part 1 to answer the following questions in a 1-2 page essay.

  1. What key developmental areas demonstrated strengths? What areas demonstrated delays?
  2. What type of classroom strategies would you use to support the learning for the child in this scenario?
  3. What is an appropriate classroom modification to support the child? Explain how this meets the needs of the child based on the information you collected.
  4. Finally evaluate the validity of your selected observation tool. Did this tool align with the goals of your observation? How does this support DAP?

Your final submission should include:

  • your anecdotal record
  • your completed observation tool/checklist
  • your essay, written with appropriate grammar and spelling, containing your answers to the questions in Part 2

Link to Video :…

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