Case Study on a business/sports management problem

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You are asked to complete the case study in chapter one by breaking into groups to analyze how technology was used to solve a business/sports management problem. Evaluate the author’s case study and consider if the use of technology was appropriate for the business problem. Evaluate the case study and make recommendations for future sporting events. Analyze the use of technology in sporting events hosted by developed countries and the impact it creates.

Extend the research by finding evidence on how these sporting events change the perception of a country (Eg. Beijing Olympics).


1. An academic analysis that is 2 pages in length and contains at least ten citations. Ensure that you use a good argument format (i.e., Toulmin or another approved approach). Use the HICSS or AOM submission format for this assignment.

2. Prepare a group presentation with no more than 15 PowToon slides.

3. The research extension component should be two-pages in length (counts towards the 4-page minimum).

4. Conduct additional analysis to further the significance of this case study. Access data and create a visualization in Tableau. INclude comparisons to different cities.


Presentations will be due during our session.

The minimum amount of written pages is 4, but a high level of scholarship is required (2 for base and 2 for the extension).

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