Case Study :Cadillac, After Years of Struggle, Has Found Its Sweet Spot: China

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Case Study :Cadillac, After Years of Struggle, Has Found Its Sweet Spot: China


Cadillac’s global sales are increasing and it now sells more vehicles abroad than at home. Contributing to

this growth is the firm’s success in China, where it has grown to be the country’s fourth largest luxury

auto brand. Cadillac’s success is being supported by its decision to produce many of the cars in China to

avoid a 25% tariff on imports. The firm also modifies its products to accommodate local consumer

preferences, such as providing plush rear seats with high-definition TV screens, since many Chinese

buyers of Cadillacs use a chauffeur.


1. What factors have contributed to Cadillac’s success in China?

2. How could Cadillac differentiate its products to gain market share against the “B-B-A” (i.e.,

BMW, Benz and Audi) in China?

3. What unique opportunities and challenges face global auto companies wanting to increase sales

in China?

4. How could Cadillac increase sales in the United States?

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