BUSINESS LAW : Please review and answer the following question:

BUSINESS LAW :Please review and answer the following question:In response to an advertisement offering a free trial lesson in modern dancing, Galt, a graduate nurse, entered into a contract with Modern Dancing Studios for 15 two hour lessons for $350.00. Before she had taken all the lessons, the dancing Instructor, Valentino, told her that she would become a wonderful dancer if she went on and that if she agreed to more lessons she would “probably get the bronze medal for dancing” On St. Valentine’s day he gave her a rose, and in the course of the lesson whispered in her ear how wonderfully she danced. She eventually signed a second contract to take another 35 hours of dancing lessons for $650.00. A new instructor was then assigned to her and all compliments and personal attention ceased. Galt sued for rescission of the contract and return of the $650.00.On what ground might the contract be voided? Should the action succeed?Minimum response 1½ page single spaced for entire problem

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